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  • Stories in Action  (2023) in Psychological Perspectives in the Public Interest (with Naomi Vaida, Alin Coman, and Susan Fiske)

  • Delivering behavioural change at scale: What conservation can learn from other fields (2021) in Conservation Biology (with Henry Travers, Sonja Vogt, Tom Clements, and E.J. Milner-Gulland)

  • Eliciting Accurate Consumption Responses from Vulnerable Populations (2021) In: Hoogeveen J., Pape U. (eds) Data Collection in Fragile States (with Utz Pape and Lennart Kaplan)

  • The Third Function of Law Is to Transform Cultural Categories (with Karla Hoff) in Law, Economics, and Conflict Eds. Basu K. & Hockett R. (2021)

  • The Whys of Social Exclusion: Insights from Behavioral Economics (2018) in World Bank Research Observer (with Karla Hoff)

Working papers

  • Behavioural Diagnostics 

  • How stereotype content affects behaviour: Evidence from the United States and India
    (with Susan Fiske & Naomi Vaida) 

  • A Question of trust: Communicating about the covid-19 Vaccine 

  • Self-integrity, locus of control, and economic performance: Evidence from a field experiment in Addis Ababa (with Carolina Méijia-Mantilla)

Work in progress

  • Educational Narratives: Evidence from Malawi (with Sonja Vogt and Thokozani Chikuni)

  • ​The state of empirical narrative research: Evidence from a scoping review (with Sonja Vogt)

  • Stories for Collective Action: Evidence from the Inflation Reduction Act (with Lucy Page and Hannah Ruebeck)

  • Social Motivated Cognition: How we build our collective reality (with Paul Dolan)

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